Empanelment Procedure for Newspapers


As per G.O.Ms.No.646, G.A.(I&PR-I) Dept., Dt. 29.8.2007, Government hereby issue the following revised consolidated guidelines for empanelment and revision of rates of Small & Medium  newspaper in the list of I&PR Department.


1)    Place & year of establishment

2)    Postal, Printer & Publisher Certificate

3)    RNI Certificate

4)    Empanelment shall be allowed 18 (eighteen) months from the date of RNI Certificate.

5)    Empanelment procedure shall l be done twice in a year i.e., in April and November and it shall be done by the Spl. Commissioner, Information and Public Relations

6)    The paper should be invariably have a regularity 18 months publication without any interruption and continuity of publication.

7)    Circulation shall not be less than 5000 copies per day.

8)    Circulation figures of newspapers to be issued/ Certified by C.A.

9)    Edition expansion shall be allowed four months after empanelment.

10) Size of the newspaper 7 standard columns with 45 cms in crown size with minimum 4 pages and for tabloid with 8 pages.


          After fulfilling the above all conditions, this department empanels the Small & Medium Newspapers.


In case of big newspapers, this department follows the above guidelines for empanelment.  Some times, the Government have relaxed the conditions prescribed in the G.O. above cited for inclusion in the media list of this department for issue of advertisements, since the big newspapers launches in a big way and invest the huge amount with multi colour editions throughout the State.


Rate revision of big newspapers this department follow the G.O.Ms.No.431, G.A. (I&PR) Dept., dt. 23.7.1984, the Government have permitted the Commissioner, Information and Public Relations to release advertisements, and to accept commercial rates of newspapers from time to time as per rules.

Empanelment Procedure for Advertising Agencies

          For creative artwork advertising agencies are inevitable to this department, certain procedure is maintained for the empanelment.

1)           INS membership.

2)           Turnover of financial activities with Chartered Accountant certificate.

3)           Profile of the Agency.

4)           List of clients.

          After submitting the above documents this department empanels the Advertising Agencies in the list of I&PR Department.